Welcome to the site. It is hoped that the site will become a hub of information and resources that individuals or families can use to support their own 'chromo cutie' at home. If you have found this site, or followed links to this site, the chances are that your life has in some way been touched by the condition. You will by now already be aware that as far as modern medicine is concerned this condition and others similar to it that concern the human genome are quite new and it seems that medical professionals, respectfully, are still in the dark.

I feel it is, unfortunatley, more encumbent upon the parent or guardian of a child affected by the condition to seek out relevant interventions for themselves. Undoubtedly this is very stressful and time consuming, websites searched, books and papers read etc. 

I am hoping that people will be happy to share their finidings, stories and advice in order to add to the site such that we can support one another through the difficult journey ahead. If we come together as a community and support one another that difficult journey ahead need not be travelled alone. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any help, tips, advice, research articles, and stories that you would like to share with the 15Q community. You can do so by emailing me at 15q11.2del@gmail.com


Stronger together.


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